How Does a Wife Deal With Erectile Dysfunction?

If a man experiences Erectile dysfunction (ED) It is a natural thing that impacts both of them. While the husband is certainly insecure and embarrassed wives too struggle with feelings of anger, confusion and anxiety over how they will continue their sexual lives. The wife may blame herself or think that her husband has lost interest to her. But ED is not the fault of anyone else. Through understanding, support and open communication, as well as medical assistance, a lot of couples are able to overcome this issue with ease.

Understanding ED

The first step is that the wife must understand the definition of ED is and the causes of it. ED is a failure to achieve or maintain an erection that is firm enough to allow good sexual intimacy. It’s very widespread with around 30 million males in America. Contrary to the naive belief that ED signifies that a man isn’t interested in his wife, the majority of cases stem from physical reasons. This includes:

  • Heart disease high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension reducing blood flow
  • Certain drugs lower testosterone levels or enlarging blood vessels
  • The damage to the prostate from surgery diabetes, prostate surgery or spinal cord injury
  • Drug and alcohol abuse can damage blood vessels or nerves
  • The natural decline in testosterone occurs as men get older
  • Exhaustion, stress, depression disrupting arousal signals

In a relationship that is loving, ED is not about an absence of love to your partner. There are many other aspects in playing. Being aware of this will give you confidence.

Don’t Take It Personally

It’s normal to ask “Is the problem with my fault?” when ED occurs. It is possible to be worried that you’re not attractive by your partner. But the fact that he is able to get an erection isn’t an indication of your worth, beauty, or even likability. ED isn’t the fault of anyone else. If you believe it’s because something is wrong with you can hurt your self-esteem as well as intimacy. Be focused on determining the root causes and resolving it instead of blaming others.

Communicate Openly

Don’t just ignore ED and pray it will go away. Conversations that are honest, sincere and courageous are crucial to overcoming the issue. Talk privately when you’re and remain calm. Let your spouse know your feelings about how ED affects you by with “I” statements such as “I’m concerned that this means that you’re not interested in me.” Be open to listening without judgment as your husband relates his feelings and worries. Think of solutions and help each other when changing your lifestyle, altering medication, or visiting doctors. The combination of both perspectives results in greater understanding.

Seek Medical Help

In many instances, ED requires professional medical assessment and treatment. Schedule an appointment with the doctor of your husband to determine if there is a underlying issue that may be contributing to ED. There are a variety of prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra which improve the flow of blood to the penis and can effectively combat ED among men in the major. There are other options, such as the use of a penis pump taking testosterone replacement therapy undergoing penile implant surgery, or consulting the sexual Therapist. Finding a qualified medical professional should be the first priority.

Explore Other Forms of Intimacy

If your husband is seeking ED treatment, think about maintaining intimacy by engaging in other activities besides the intimacy. Engage with your partner in more foreplay, oral or manual stimulation, massages that are sensual, playing with toys, watching romantic films, bathe together, or anything else that promotes physical and emotional closeness. The possibility of having an affair is still there with or without an penis that is not erect. Learning new ways to have a sexual experience keeps you from falling out as you work through ED.

Be Patient and Supportive

To overcome ED is a process that takes time and can be a frustrating experience. Do not yell or scold your husband because shaming can increase the anxiety of performing. Take your time and allow him to process feelings of shame or inadequacy at his own speed. Reassure him that you are interested in the guy no matter the circumstances. Make him feel more confident by maintaining an attractive, fit appearance. Also, keep him in mind of the reasons that you are not sexually involved in being your wife. Your love and understanding will allow him to take the correct actions.

Prioritize Overall Health

Be sure to make taking care of your health a top priority. Eat a balanced diet regular exercise routine, cut down on drinking alcohol, stop smoking, and reduce stress. If you are feeling vibrant and confident increases your confidence, self-esteem and libido. Being healthy and a good example can inspire your spouse to adopt the same habits and improve sexual function. Encourage each other to be your most healthy versions.

Being able to deal with ED requires patience, teamwork, trust and perseverance. Although it can be difficult, the process of overcoming it can strengthen the bond of trust and love between spouse and husband. Through time, with medical aid and open communication, the majority of couples will live happy sex again.

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