What Makes India a Popular Country For Hair Transplants?

Hair loss is no longer a disease in India. Everyone is on the same page, from a celebrity to an ordinary men, when this issue is considered. Consequently, providing solutions for hair fall, hair transplants in India have become very popular. Especially hair transplant in Delhi has begged the most popularity.

But, to our surprise, we would notice countless westerners coming to India, seeking their transformation. The primary reason for the same is the cost-efficient yet skilled services here. Here clinics offer the latest technology, capable hands dealing with the transplant, surgeons’ experience and the heartwarming hospitality of being an Indian. This is why hair transplant in Delhi has gained the most popularity among hair transplant aspirants outside the geographical boundaries of India.

Let us understand why hair transplant in India is gaining popularity daily. Listed below are a few reasons:

Skills of surgeons

This is the principal reason for its popularity. Doctors and surgeons in India are known for their unparalleled skill sets and knowledge in the domain. Indians are known for their hard work in the medical field, and this is not something that not everybody knows that Indian doctors are famous worldwide. With time, cosmetic surgeries are gaining popularity in India, making them a relatively preferred field for skilled Indian doctors.


There is no doubt in the fact that India is attracting a lot of medical tourism every year. Among this tourism, hair transplants have a significant share. The figures might astound you when we talk about hair transplants in Delhi. Countless foreign patients are attaining their transformation from Indian clinics. This gives a lot of experience to skilled Indian surgeons. When you want cosmetic surgery, you will choose a clinic with experience. Consequently, India will become a popular country for hair transplants.

High-class amenities

When you receive cosmetic surgery, it is quite clear that you are affluent enough to expect high-class services and quality in everything from the clinic. India must catch up in giving high-class services, luxurious amenities and quality in every possible sector. So when people get an amalgamation of western amenities and Indian skills, why wouldn’t they prefer to have one from here?


One cannot deny that westerners can give high-class amenities, experience and skill under one roof. But, the main point where they all lack is price. For example, foreign hair transplants are so costly that even locals do not prefer to have one from their homeland. However, hair transplant in Delhi is affordable, and even if you have to bear travel costs, it will be more economical. Also, many clinics provide free accommodations making India more feasible for people across the globe.

Celebrity influence

Undeniable celebrities set fashion goals for commoners. Countless national and international celebrities are not only getting their transformations from Indian clinics but are also providing media consent to the clinics. Thus, if one influential person will endorse Indian clinics, why wouldn’t it be the first choice for hair transplant aspirants?


India is a land known for its heartwarming hospitality. You expect good hospitality in every service you offer, not just a hair transplant procedure. Indian clinics and staff members treat their patients well and give them the utmost comfort. When you go through patients’ testimonials from various clinics, you will hear them saying that the staff has treated them like family members. Such testimonials attract more tourists to India. In a hair restoration procedure, patients are most scared of the pain. When you have a staff who ensures your comfort, they will also manage your apprehensions regarding pain. However, in this procedure, you must bear the minimum pain of anaesthesia.

Mini holiday

India is a very popular country worldwide for its diverse culture, historical places, exquisite nature, etc. Thus, people around the globe have the lifegoal of visiting India once in their lifetime. Therefore, when they become hair transplant aspirants, and their research tells them hair transplant in Delhi is the best option for the reasons mentioned above, they will be willing to choose India for their transformation.


Last but not least, the technique is another reason people choose India for their transformations. FUT is no longer opted for by 99 per cent of people. FUE is the ruling technique of hair transplant in the world. India is not only offering the FUE technique but has also pioneered revolutionizing the Direct Hair Transplant technique, which is a modification of the current FUE technique. Also, Indian surgeons have become experts in body hair transplants, making India the preferred country for hair transplants.

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