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The world’s leading resource for diagnosing and treating any injury―quickly, safely, and effectively. Unparalleled in its breadth and depth of expertly crafted content, Trauma 9th edition pdf takes you through the full range of injuries you are likely to encounter. With a full-color atlas of anatomic drawings and surgical approaches, this trusted classic provides thorough coverage of kinematics and the mechanisms of trauma injury, the epidemiology of trauma, injury prevention, the basics of trauma systems, triage, and transport, and more.

Trauma 9th Edition reviews generalized approaches to the trauma patient, from pre-hospital care and managing shock, to emergency department thoracotomy and the management of infections; delivers a clear, organ-by-organ survey of treatment protocols; and shows how to handle specific challenges in trauma―including alcohol and drug abuse, and combat-related wounds―in addition to post-traumatic complications such as multiple organ failure.

Features of Trauma 9th edition PDF

  • 500 photos and illustrations
  • Color atlas
  • Numerous X-rays, CT scans, and algorithms
  • A high-yield section on specific approaches to the trauma patient
  • A-to-Z overview of the management of specific traumatic injuries
  • A detailed discussion of the management of complications

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Preface of Trauma Mattox 9th Edition PDF

This 9th edition of Trauma pdf is another milestone in the now 35-year journey of the textbook. Originally conceived at a time (1984) when prospective randomized and multicenter studies were rare in the field, the management of injured patients was based on the following: history/physical examination/routine laboratory tests/routine x-rays; a decreasing role for diagnostic peritoneal lavage; increasing usage of computed tomography (CT); and clinical guidelines passed on from teachers and mentors.

The evolution in the field of trauma since that time has been extraordinary. The following advances have truly changed the evaluation and management of injured patients during the history of the textbook: goal-directed resuscitation; surgeon-performed ultrasound; multidetector CT and CT angiography; magnetic resonance imaging; nonoperative management of injured viscera and vessels; damage control surgery; endostents and stent-grafts; advances in surgical critical care and increased numbers of surgeon-intensivists; and the development of a for­mal training pathway in acute care surgery.

The major issue for the Founding Co-Editors (D.V.F., K.L.M., E.E.M.) when organizing and editing a “new” text­book every 4 years or so has been updating the contents enough to justify another edition. Changes in the Ninth Edition have been substantial, and many have been based on the com­ments from readers of previous editions. Most important has been the addition of six Associate Editors—Hasan Alam, Chad Ball, Kenji Inaba, Rosemary Kozar, David Livingston, and Marty Schreiber. All of these individuals have made sub­stantial contributions to the knowledge behind the evaluation and management of injured patients, all have been in leadership positions in trauma professional societies, and all were well known to us. We thank the Associate Editors for their efforts in making Trauma 9th edition pdf, and an improved reference book in the field.

Other changes in the Ninth Edition include two new chapters, Chapter 28: Chest Wall and Lung, and Chapter 64: Trauma and Global Health; a reorganization of the chapters in the book; added content including a special section on injuries to the larynx in Chapter 25, now entitled Neck and Larynx; and revisions in the Atlas. In addition, there is now a section entitled Endovascular Commentary after Chapter 25: Neck and Larynx, Chapter 38: Abdominal Vessels, and Chapter 45: Peripheral Vessels. The Trauma Video section organized by Demetrios Demetriades and Kenji Inaba has been retained as well. Finally, over 45% of the chapters in the Ninth Edition have new senior authors.

We thank all of our chapter authors for updating the content and Mike de la Flor, Ph.D., for his excellent artwork in the Atlas. Also, we thank our colleagues in the Medical Publishing Divi­sion of McGraw Hill, our longtime publisher, especially Andrew Moyer, Senior Editor, and Christie Naglieri, Senior Project Development Editor. And, of course, we offer special thanks to our administrative assistants for their endless work and toler­ance: Josanne Walker (D.V.F.) and Mary Allen (K.L.M.).

David V. Feliciano, MD

Kenneth L. Mattox, MD

 Ernest E. Moore, MD

Contents of Mattox Trauma 9th Edition PDF

1. Kinematics
Carrie A. Sims / Patrick M. Reilly
2. Epidemiology
Ashley D. Meagher / Ben L. Zarzaur
3. Injury Prevention
Rochelle A. Dicker / Catherine J. Juillard
4. Trauma Systems, Triage, and Transport
David J. Ciesla / Andrew J. Kerwin / Joseph J. Tepas III
5. Injury Severity Scoring, Modeling, and
Outcomes Research
Lynne Moore / Howard R. Champion
6. Coding and Billing
R. Lawrence Reed II
7. Critical Appraisal of Trauma Research
Angela Sauaia / Ernest E. Moore
8. Acute Care Surgery
John E. Griepentrog / Anthony J. Lewis /
Matthew R. Rosengart / Andrew B. Peitzman
9. Genomics and Acute Care Surgery
Scott C. Brakenridge / Philip A. Efron / Lyle L. Moldawer
10. Prehospital Care
Donald H. Jenkins / Andrew Muck / Scott P. Zietlow
11. Rural Trauma
Juan C. Duchesne / John P. Hunt / Alan B. Marr

12. Disaster and Multiple/Mass Casualties
Susan M. Briggs
13. Initial Assessment
Adam D. Fox / David H. Livingston
14. Management of the Airway
James M. Kempema / Marc D. Trust /
Carlos V.R. Brown
15. Management of Shock
Barclay T. Stewart / Ronald V. Maier
16. Trauma-Induced Coagulopathy
Hunter B. Moore / Ernest E. Moore
17. Resuscitative Thoracotomy
Clay Cothren Burlew / Ernest E. Moore
18. Surgeon-Performed Ultrasound in Acute
Care Surgery
Kazuhide Matsushima / Damon H. Clark /
Heidi L. Frankel
19. Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
Scott D. Steenburg
20. Principles of Anesthesia and Pain
Management in Trauma Patients
Ron E. Samet / Justin E. Richards / Ian R. Slade
21. Infections
Heather L. Evans / Eileen Bulger
22. Brain
Likun Yang / Charles F. Opalak / Alex B. Valadka
23. Eye
Hampton Addis / Joshua Brozek / F. Lawson Grumbine
24. Face
Raj D. Dedhia / D. Gregory Farwell

25. Neck and Larynx
Jason L. Sperry / Elizabeth Guardiani / Grace Snow /
Kirsten Meenan / David V. Feliciano

Endovascular Commentary to Chapter 25:
Neck and Larynx
Joseph J. DuBose
26. Spinal Cord and Spine
Philip F. Stahel / Benjamin C. Dorenkamp /
Michael E. Janssen
27. Trauma Thoracotomy: Principles and Techniques
Ravi K. Ghanta / Matthew J. Wall Jr / Kenneth L. Mattox
28. Chest Wall and Lung
Jamie J. Coleman / Fredric M. Pieracci /
Joseph J. DuBose / Thomas M. Scalea /
James V. O’Connor
29. Trachea, Bronchi, and Esophagus
Joseph J. DuBose / Thomas M. Scalea /
James V. O’Connor
30. Heart and Thoracic Vessels
Matthew J. Wall Jr / Ravi K. Ghanta / Kenneth L. Mattox
31. Trauma Laparotomy: Principles and Techniques
Jessica A. Bowman / Gregory J. Jurkovich
32. Diaphragm
Walter L. Biffl / William G. Cioffi
33. Liver and Biliary Tract
Brandon Bruns / Rosemary Kozar
34. Spleen
Thomas H. Shoultz / Joseph P. Minei
35. Stomach and Small Bowel
Ronald M. Stewart / David H. Livingston
36. Duodenum and Pancreas
Paula Ferrada / Ricardo Ferrada / David V. Feliciano
37. Colon and Rectum
Martin A. Croce / Timothy C. Fabian
38. Abdominal Vessels
David V. Feliciano / Juan A. Asensio

Endovascular Commentary to Chapter 38:
Abdominal Vessels
Joseph J. DuBose
39. Pelvis
Aussama Nassar / Lisa Knowlton / David A. Spain
40. Genitourinary Tract
Fernando J. Kim / Rodrigo Donalisio da Silva
41. Trauma in Pregnancy
Brian C. Beldowicz / David Leshikar /
Christine S. Cocanour
42. Trauma Damage Control
Chad G. Ball / David V. Feliciano
43. Upper Extremity
Raymond Pensy
44. Lower Extremity
Yohan Jang / Greg E. Gaski / Walter W. Virkus
45. Peripheral Vessels
Steven R. Shackford

Endovascular Commentary to Chapter 45:
Peripheral Vessels
Todd E. Rasmussen
46. Alcohol and Drugs
Grace F. Rozycki / Laura S. Johnson
47. Social Violence
Amy M. Kwok / James W. Davis
48. Pediatric Trauma
Denis D. Bensard
49. Geriatric Trauma
Deborah M. Stein / Angela M. Crawford / Jay A. Yelon
Contents xi

50. Wounds, Bites, and Stings
Alisa Cross / Amanda Celii / Roxie M. Albrecht
51. Burns and Radiation
Benjamin Levi / Gary A. Vercruysse
52. Temperature-Related Syndromes
Elizabeth R. Benjamin / Sydne Muratore / Kenji Inaba /
Gregory J. Beilman
53. Modern Combat Casualty Care
Philbert Y. Van / Jennifer M. Gurney / Martin A. Schreiber
54. Organ Donation from Trauma Patients
Naeem Goussous / Joseph R. Scalea
55. Rehabilitation
Paul F. Pasquina / Caitlin L. McAuliffe-Gray /
Ingrid A. Parrington
56. Trauma, Medicine, and the Law
Kenneth L. Mattox / Carolynn Jones

57. Principles of Critical Care
Lena M. Napolitano / Raul Coimbra / Jay Doucet /
Leslie Kobayashi
58. Cardiovascular Failure
Nori L. Bradley / Bryan A. Cotton
59. Respiratory Failure
Ben E. Biesterveld / Aaron M. Williams / Hasan B. Alam
60. Gastrointestinal Failure
Jose J. Diaz / Bryan Collier
61. Renal Failure
Robel T. Beyene / Richard S. Miller / Shannon C. Eastham
62. Nutritional Support and Electrolyte Management
Robert D. Becher / Kimberly A. Davis
63. Postinjury Inflammation and Organ Dysfunction
Benjamin Moran / Samuel A. Tisherman
64. Trauma and Global Health
Nakul Raykar / Katherine Hill / Jana Macleod /
Juan Carlos Puyana


Introduction to the Atlas
Head and Neck
Chest and Thoracic Outlet
Abdomen and Pelvis
Extremity Vascular



Place of Birth: New York City, New York

College: Georgetown University, 1966

Medical School: Georgetown University, 1970

Residency: General Surgery, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, 1970–1971; 1973–1977

Fellowship: Trauma, Detroit Receiving Hospital/Wayne State University, 1975; Vascular, Baylor College of Medicine, 1978

Military Service: Lieutenant, USNR, 1971–1973

Academic Career: Ben Taub Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine, 1978–1989; University of Rochester, 1989–1991; Grady Memorial Hospital/Emory University, 1991–2011; Mercer University, 2011–2013; Indiana University, 2013–2017; Shock Trauma Center/University of Maryland, 2017–Present

President of AAST: 2006–2007

President of WTA: 1992–1993

Scudder Orator, ACS: 2010

Lead Editor of Trauma: Third Edition, 1996; Sixth Edition, 2008; Ninth Edition, 2020


Place of Birth: Ozark, Arkansas

College: Wayland Baptist University, 1960

Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine, 1964

Residency: General Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine, 1967–1971; Cardiothoracic Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine, 1972–1973

Military Service: Captain, USAR, 1965–1967

Academic Career: Ben Taub Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine, 1973–Present

President of AAST: 1995–1996

Scudder Orator, ACS: 1999

Lead Editor of Trauma: First Edition, 1988; Fourth Edition, 2000; Seventh Edition, 2013


Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

College: Allegheny College, 1968

Medical School: University of Pittsburgh, 1972

Residency: General Surgery, University of Vermont, 1972–1976

Academic Career: Ernest E. Moore Shock Trauma Center at Denver Health/University of Colorado, 1976–Present

President of AAST: 1993–1994

President of WTA: 1988–1989

Scudder Orator, ACS: 2002

Editor-in-Chief: Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 2011–Present

Lead Editor of Trauma: Second Edition, 1991; Fifth Edition, 2004; Eighth Edition, 2017

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