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Robbins Basic Pathology pdf 10th edition free download

Robbins Basic Pathology pdf gives a readable, very much illustrated, and concise outline of the standards of human pathology that is ideal for the present occupied. This altogether overhauled edition proceeds with a hearty emphasis on pathogenesis and hence the clinical features of the illness, adding new artwork and more schematic graphs to additional guide in summing up key pathologic processes and grow the already amazing illustration program.

  1. Great art program flaunts top-notch photomicrographs, gross photos, and radiologic pictures to enhance the elite illustrations.
  2. Bulleted summary boxes provide quick access to key information and a straightforward review of key concepts.
  3. Highlights pathogenesis, morphology, and pathophysiologic content throughout.
  4. Includes increased and updated clinical topics.
  5. More schematic diagrams with new artwork summarize key pathologic processes.
  6. An all-star editorial team enables you to realize an upscale understanding of all essential pathology concepts.
  7. Student Consult eBook form included with buy. This improved eBook experience permits you to look at the entirety of the content, figures, and pictures from the book on a spread of gadgets. You’ll likewise get to virtual magnifying lens slides, self-evaluation questions, extra pictures, refreshed pathology contextual investigations, and Targeted Therapy boxes.

Preface of Robbins Basic Pathology pdf

The tenth edition of Robbins Basic Pathology pdf is an important milestone in the life of a textbook. This occasion is a propitious time to look back on the origins of Basic Pathology, which are summed up best by quoting Stanley Robbins from the preface of the first edition (1971):

“Of books as well as men, it may be observed that fat ones contain thin ones struggling to get out. In a sense, this book bears such a relationship to its more substantial progenitor, Robbins Pathology. It arose from an appreciation of the modern medical student’s dilemma. As the curriculum has become restructured to place greater emphasis on clinical experience, time for reading is correspondingly curtailed. In writing this book, rare and esoteric lesions are omitted without apology, and infrequent or trivial ones described only briefly. We felt it important, however, to consider rather fully the major disease entities.”

While the goals of “baby Robbins” remain true to the vision of Stanley Robbins, this edition has been revised on the basis of a few additional principles.

  • •First, it is obvious that an understanding of disease mechanisms is based more than ever on a strong foundation of basic science. In keeping with this, we have always woven the relevant basic cell and molecular biology into the sections on pathophysiology in various chapters. In this edition, we go one step further and introduce a new chapter titled “The Cell as a Unit of Health and Disease” at the very beginning of the book. In this chapter, we have attempted to encapsulate aspects of cell and molecular biology that we believe are helpful in preparing readers for discussions of specific diseases. It is, in essence, a refresher course in cell biology.
  • Second, as teachers, we are acutely aware that medical students feel overwhelmed by the rapid growth of information about the molecular basis of disease. We have therefore excluded those new “breakthroughs” in the laboratory that have not yet reached the bedside. Thus, for example, the drugs developed for targeting cancer mutations that are still in clinical trials have not been discussed except in those rare instances in which the evidence of efficacy is close to hand. Similarly, in genetically heterogeneous disorders, we have focused on the most common mutations without providing a catalog of all the genes and polymorphisms involved. Thus, we have tried to balance discussions of advancement in sciences with the needs of students in the early stages of their careers. This effort required us to read each chapter as if it was written de novo and in many cases to remove parts of the text that had been present in the previous edition. It is our hope that these changes will unburden the students and that the tenth edition will be seen as an up-to-date yet simple to comprehend the book.
  • Third, because illustrations facilitate the understanding of difficult concepts such as control of the cell cycle and the actions of cancer genes, the art has been significantly revised and enhanced by adding depth so that the four-color figures are seen in three dimensions.
  • Finally, we have added a board of clinical consultants to help us in keeping the clinical content accurate and up to date.

As an additional “tool” to help students focus on the fundamentals, we have continued the use of Summary boxes designed to provide key “take-home” messages. These have been retained at the risk of adding a few additional pages to the book because students have uniformly told us that they find them useful.

Although we have entered the genomic era, the timehonored tools of gross and microscopic analysis remain useful, and morphologic changes are highlighted for ready reference. The strong emphasis on clinicopathologic correlations is maintained, and, wherever understood, the impact of molecular pathology on the practice of medicine is emphasized. We are pleased that all of this was accomplished without a significant “bulge” in the waistline of the text.

We continue to firmly believe that clarity of writing and proper use of language enhance comprehension and facilitate the learning process. Those familiar with the previous editions will notice significant reorganization of the text in many chapters to improve the flow of information and make it more logical. We are now in the digital age, so the text will be available online. In addition, over 100 updated and revised cases developed by one of us (VK) will also be available, linked to the electronic version of the text. We hope that these interactive cases will enhance and reinforce learning of pathology through application to clinical cases.

It is a privilege for us to edit this book, and we realize the considerable trust placed in us by students and teachers of pathology. We remain acutely conscious of this responsibility and hope that this edition will be worthy of and possibly enhance the tradition of its forebears.

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Contents of Robbins Basic Pathology pdf

  • Chapter 1: The Cell as a Unit of Health and Disease
  • Chapter 2: Cell Injury, Cell Death, and Adaptations
  • Chapter 3: Inflammation and Repair
  • Chapter 4: Hemodynamic Disorders, Thromboembolism, and Shock
  • Chapter 5: Diseases of the Immune System
  • Chapter 6: Neoplasia
  • Chapter 7: Genetic and Pediatric Diseases
  • Chapter 8: Environmental and Nutritional Diseases
  • Chapter 9: General Pathology of Infectious Diseases
  • Chapter 10: Blood Vessels
  • Chapter 11: Heart
  • Chapter 12: Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Systems
  • Chapter 13: Lung
  • Chapter 14: Kidney and Its Collecting System
  • Chapter 15: Oral Cavities and Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Chapter 16: Liver and Gallbladder
  • Chapter 17: Pancreas
  • Chapter 18: Male Genital System and Lower Urinary Tract
  • Chapter 19: Female Genital System and Breast
  • Chapter 20: Endocrine System
  • Chapter 21: Bones, Joints, and Soft Tissue Tumors
  • Chapter 22: Peripheral Nerves and Muscles
  • Chapter 23: Central Nervous System
  • Chapter 24: Skin


Vinay Kumar, MBBS, MD, FRCPath
Alice Hogge and Arthur A. Baer Distinguished Service Professor of Pathology
Biological Sciences Division and The Pritzker Medical School
University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Abul K. Abbas, MBBS
Distinguished Professor and Chair
Department of Pathology
University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, California

Jon Christopher Aster, MD, PhD

Jon C. Aster, MD, PhD
Professor of Pathology
Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Boston, Massachusetts

ART I S T James A. Perkins, MS, MFA

Product details

  • Book Name: Robbins Basic Pathology (Robbins Pathology)
  • Authors: Vinay Kumar & Abul K. Abbas & Jon C. Aster
  • Publisher: Elsevier; 10th edition (April 11, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • Hardcover: 952 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0323353177
  • ISBN-13: 978-0323353175
  • Item Weight: 4.78 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 1.5 x 11.1 inches
  • Best Sellers Rank: #123,992 in Books
    • #26 in Pathology (Books)


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Robbins Basic Pathology pdf

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Best Reviews

I'm only a little over 100 pages into it, but thus far I can say the book is excellent and exceeds expectations. Pathology cause, effect, and intervention are described well. Easy to understand. Images and drawings are also very good. Many thanks to the authors.


Listed as used - very good condition. It arrived good, with some damage. The book came today with the binding completely separated from the cover and torn where the cover meets the first and last pages. But, the text itself looks immaculate. Glueing binding now. Book will work just fine.

Christina Hakes

Should be required reading for all second year medical students. Great foundation for ALL of practices of medicine, no matter within which specialty one decides to immerse.


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