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Ultrasound for Primary Care, 1st edition, PDF book provides a reasonably understandable overview of the range of services that family doctors can provide for their patients. This information is presented in a clear, logical manner.

Ultrasound for Primary Care [PDF] is a practical, simple-to-read manual written for primary care practitioners in Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and Internal Medicine.

Ultrasound for Primary Care PDF book helps you broaden the scope of your practice and deliver more effective patient care. In addition, it is well-illustrated and heavily templated.

Ultrasound for Primary Care PDF
Ultrasound for Primary Care

Book Details

Book NameUltrasound for Primary Care
AuthorsDr. Paul Bornemann MD (Editor)
PublisherLWW; First edition (September 16, 2020)
Hardcover472 pages
ISBN-13 ‏978-1496366986
File TypePDF
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Ultrasound for Primary Care Book Contents

CHAPTER 1 Ultrasound Basics: Physics, Transducers,
Conventions, Terminology, and Artifacts 3
Victor V. Rao and Robert Haddad
CHAPTER 2 Point-of-Care Ultrasound Billing
and Credentialing 13
Francisco I. Norman and Paul Bornemann
SECTION 1: Eyes 19
CHAPTER 3 Is the Patient’s Intracranial
Pressure Elevated? 19
James M. Daniels, Erica Miller-Spears, and
Linda M. Savage
CHAPTER 4 Does the Patient Have a Retinal
or Vitreous Detachment? 25
Dae Hyoun (David) Jeong, James M. Daniels, and
Cesar S. Arguelles
SECTION 2: Thyroid 30
CHAPTER 5 Does This Thyroid Nodule
Need to Be Biopsied? 30
Brooke Hollins McAdams and Keisha Bonhomme Ellis
SECTION 3: Lymph Node 41
CHAPTER 6 Is This Enlarged Lymph Node Benign
Appearing? 41
Elana Thau and Charisse W. Kwan
SECTION 4: Central Nervous System 47
CHAPTER 7 Does This Patient Have Hydrocephalus? 47
Duncan Norton, Sofia Markee, and Paul Bornemann
SECTION 1: Cardiac 56
CHAPTER 8 What Is the Patient’s Left Ventricular
Systolic Function? 56
Mark E. Shaffer and Andrew D. Vaughan
CHAPTER 9 Does the Patient Have Left Ventricular
Hypertrophy? 62
Julian Reese and Paul Bornemann
CHAPTER 10 Does the Patient Have a
Pericardial Effusion? 69
Mark E. Shaffer
CHAPTER 11 Does the Patient Have Right
Heart Strain? 75
Mark E. Shaffer and Joseph C. Lai
SECTION 2: Lung 82
CHAPTER 12 Does the Patient Have Pulmonary
Edema? 82
Michael Wagner and Keith R. Barron
CHAPTER 13 Does the Patient Have a Pleural Effusion? 90
Kevin Bergman and Jennifer Madeline Owen
CHAPTER 14 Does the Patient Have a Pneumothorax? 97
Keith R. Barron and Michael Wagner
CHAPTER 15 Does the Patient Have Pneumonia? 104
Andrew W. Shannon and William Chotas
SECTION 3: Breast 111
CHAPTER 16 Does the Patient’s Breast Mass Need
to Be Biopsied? 111
Esther Kim, Andrew Kim, John Rocco MacMillan Rodney,
and William MacMillan Rodney
SECTION 1: Renal 118
CHAPTER 17 Does the Patient Have Nephrolithiasis? 118
David Flick, Holly Beth Crellin, and Nicholas Adam Kohles
CHAPTER 18 Does the Patient Have Chronic Kidney
Disease? 127
Melissa Ferguson and Jason Reinking
SECTION 2: Hepatobiliary 132
CHAPTER 19 Does the Patient Have
Hepatosplenomegaly? 132
Androuw Carrasco
CHAPTER 20 Does the Patient Have Hepatic Steatosis? 136
Gina Bornemann and Paul Bornemann
CHAPTER 21 Does the Patient Have Ascites? 143
Erin Stratta and Kendra Johnson
CHAPTER 22 Does the Patient Have Cholelithiasis
or Cholecystitis? 151
Matthew Fentress SECTION 3: Bowel 158
CHAPTER 23 Does the Patient Have a
Bowel Obstruction? 158
Margaret R. Lewis and Vivek S. Tayal
CHAPTER 24 Does the Patient Have Appendicitis? 163
David Flick, Maria G. Valdez, and Aaron C. Jannings
CHAPTER 25 Does the Patient Have Intussusception? 169
Aun Woon (Cindy) Soon and Peter James Snelling
CHAPTER 26 Does the Patient Have Pyloric Stenosis? 174
Aun Woon (Cindy) Soon and Peter James Snelling
SECTION 4: Obstetric 178
CHAPTER 27 Does the Patient Have a Viable
Intrauterine Pregnancy? 178
Benjamin J. F. Huntley, Francis M. Goldshmid, and
Erin S. L. Huntley
CHAPTER 28 What Is the Gestational Age? 189
Erin S. L. Huntley and Benjamin J. F . Huntley
CHAPTER 29 What Is the Status of Fetal Well-Being? 199
Benjamin J. F . Huntley and Brandon Williamson
SECTION 5: Pelvis 206
CHAPTER 30 Does This Patient Have Testicular
Torsion? 206
Charisse W. Kwan
CHAPTER 31 How Thick Is the Patient’s Endometrial
Stripe? 212
Lauren Castleberry and Joy Shen-Wagner
CHAPTER 32 Does the Patient Have an
Adnexal Mass? 218
Joshua N. Splinter, William MacMillan Rodney,
Gary Paul Willers, II, and John Rocco MacMillan Rodney
CHAPTER 33 What Is the Patient’s Postvoid Residual
Bladder Volume? 226
John Doughton
CHAPTER 34 Is the Patient’s Intrauterine
Device in the Proper Location? 231
Joy Shen-Wagner and Lauren Castleberry
SECTION 1: Musculoskeletal 245
CHAPTER 35 Does the Patient Have a Joint Effusion? 245
Nicole T. Yedlinsky, Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, and
Joshua R. Pfent
CHAPTER 36 Does the Patient Have a Rotator
Cuff Tear? 251
Michael J. Murphy and Tenley E. Murphy
CHAPTER 37 Does the Patient Have an Ankle
Sprain or Fracture? 265
Tenley E. Murphy and Patrick F. Jenkins, III
CHAPTER 38 Does the Patient Have Tendinopathy? 271
Michael Marchetti
CHAPTER 39 Is the Patient’s Arthritis From
Crystal Disease? 276
Mark H. Greenberg
CHAPTER 40 Does the Patient Have Carpal
Tunnel Syndrome? 287
Paul Bornemann and Mohamed Gad
SECTION 2: Skin and Soft Tissue 295
CHAPTER 41 Does the Patient Have Cellulitis
or an Abscess? 295
Casey Parker and Matthew Fitzpatrick
CHAPTER 42 Is a Foreign Body Present? 301
Jennifer S. Lee and Joshua R. Pfent
CHAPTER 43 Is This Soft Tissue Mass Concerning? 306
Ximena Wortsman
CHAPTER 44 Does the Patient Have a Hernia? 316
John Rocco MacMillan Rodney and William
MacMillan Rodney
SECTION 1: Peripheral Venous 325
CHAPTER 45 Does the Patient Have a
Lower Extremity Deep Venous Thrombosis? 325
Paul Bornemann
SECTION 2: Inferior Vena Cava 335
CHAPTER 46 What Is the Patient’s Central Venous
Pressure? 335
Matthew Fentress
SECTION 3: Aorta 341
CHAPTER 47 Does the Patient Have an Abdominal
Aortic Aneurysm? 341
Neil Jayasekera and Naman Shah
SECTION 4: Carotid 346
CHAPTER 48 Does the Patient Have Carotid
Stenosis? 346
Nicholas LeFevre
CHAPTER 49 Cardiopulmonary Limited Ultrasound
Examination (CLUE) 355
Zachary B. Self and F. Laura Bertani
CHAPTER 50 Focused Ultrasonography in
Trauma (FAST) 364
Caroline Brandon and Tarina Lee Kang
CHAPTER 51 Rapid Ultrasound for Shock and
Hypotension (RUSH) 373
Mena RamosCHAPTER 56 Lumbar Puncture 413
Naushad Amin
CHAPTER 57 Peripheral Intravenous Catheter
Placement 419
David Schrift, Carol Choe, and Darien B. Davda
CHAPTER 58 Core Needle Biopsy/Fine Needle
Aspiration 427
Paul Bornemann and Mohamed Gad
CHAPTER 59 Saline Infusion Sonography 437
Lauren Castleberry
Index 443
CHAPTER 52 Musculoskeletal Aspirations and
Injections 385
Alexei O. DeCastro, Dae Hyoun (David) Jeong, and
Jock Taylor
CHAPTER 53 Central Line Placement 391
Jilian R. Sansbury
CHAPTER 54 Diagnostic and Therapeutic
Thoracentesis Using Point-of-Care Ultrasound 399
Wynn Traylor Harvey, II, Sergio Urcuyo, and Claire Hartung
CHAPTER 55 Paracentesis 407
Andrew D. Vaughan and Daniel P. Dewey

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