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The first and only Textbook of Urgent Care Medicine PDF provides a targeted structure that makes it easy to reference all essential core abilities. Edited and written by well-known experts in the field of critical care education, designed to be effectively used in regular practice and presented in the context of an everyday encounter.

Textbook of Urgent Care Medicine PDF book discusses traps and pearls, from diagnosis to disposition. They are offered straightforwardly and centered on the urgent care setting’s particular difficulties and importance.

In addition, this book contains incorporated and independently highlighted risk management and medicolegal pearls for easy reference at the point of care. This text is a convenient and valuable reference tool for transitioning from conventional family practice to urgent care.

Textbook of Urgent Care Medicine PDF
Textbook of Urgent Care Medicine

Book Details

Book NameTextbook of Urgent Care Medicine
AuthorsJohn Shufeld, FAAFP Lee Resnick, MD Tracey Quail Davidoff & 17 more
Publishers Urgent Care Textbooks; 1st edition (January 1, 2014)
Paperback 825 pages
File TypePDF
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This book covers all essential core competencies in a concentrated, simply accessible format. Expertly authored and edited by renowned urgent care educators. In the style of a typical encounter, it is meant to be used as an ordinary meeting in daily practice.

From triage through disposition, it discusses best practices and hazards and presents simply the facts. Textbook of Urgent Care Medicine PDF examines the difficulties urgent care faces and the importance of such care.

Pearls can be easily referenced at the point of care because they are embedded and independently marked.

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Contents Textbook of Urgent Care Medicine PDF Book

Section I. Neurologic Urgencies

1 Facial Droop • Lee A. Resnick

2 Headache • Michele Melamed and Raul Rodon

3 Vertigo • John Shufeldt

4 Acute Focal Neurologic Deficit • Joe Toscano

5 Head Injury • Joe Toscano

6 Altered Mental Status • Raul Rodon and Emma Rodon

7 Heat and Cold Urgencies • Devon Lathrop and John Shufeldt

Section II. Head, Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Urgencies

8 Epistaxis • Suzanne Michelle Rhodes

9 Acute Eye Trauma • Terry Buzzard

10 Acute Vision Loss • Terry Buzzard

11 The Acute Nontraumatic Red Eye • Terry Buzzard

12 Otitis Media • Tracey Quail Davidoff

13 Sinusitis • Tracey Quail Davidoff

14 Dental Injuries and Pain • Sean M. McNeeley

15 Sore Throat • William Gluckman

Section III. Respiratory Urgencies

16 Wheezing and Asthma • Rasai Ernst

17 Dyspnea • Tracey Quail Davidoff

18 Respiratory Tract Infections • Joe Toscano

19 Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Bronchitis • Rasai Ernst

Section IV. Cardiac Urgencies

20 Syncope • Kenneth V. Iserson

21 Chest Pain • Michael B. Weinstock

22 Palpitations • Ebrahim Barkoudah and Samantha Debold-Hawley

23 Peripheral Edema • Jeffrey Collins

Section V. Gastrointestinal Urgencies

24 Nausea, Vomiting, and Diarrhea in the Adult Patient • William Gluckman

25 Abdominal Pain in the Adult Patient • Elisabeth Scheufele

26 Gastrointestinal Bleeding • Jeffrey Collins

Section VI. Genitourinary Urgencies

27 Dysuria and Urinary Tract Infections in the Adult Patient • Kimberly Gibson

28 Dysuria and Urinary Tract Infections in the Pediatric Patient • Kimberly Gibson

29 Flank Pain and Kidney Stones • William Gluckman

Section VII. Orthopedic, Environmental, and Traumatic Urgencies

30 Neck Pain • Kent Erickson and John Shufeldt

31 Ankle and Foot Pain and Injury • Robert Truax

32 Lower Extremity Pain and Injury • Christopher M. Prior, Matthew Speer, and John Shufeldt

33 Shoulder and Upper Extremity Pain and Injury • Benjamin W. Szerlip and Scott M. Zimmer

34 Hand and Wrist Pain and Injury • Ashley Simela and Scott M. Zimmer

35 Chest Wall and Other Thoracic Trauma • Sean M. McNeeley

36 Facial Injuries • Sean M.

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  • Textbook of Urgent Care Medicine PDF
  • Textbook of Urgent Care Medicine PDF

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