[PDF] Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology PDF 8th Edition

Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology, 8th Edition, PDF Books is a complete guide to the most common medicines and fluids used in emergency care before a hospital arrives.

The Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology textbook has been an essential part of EMS education for over 30 years. It reflects current trends in emergency care, especially the growing need for care that is based on evidence.

The 8th edition of the Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology Book’s PDF has been heavily updated to reflect recent trends in prehospital care and drugs. This makes it a valuable book for both students and professionals.

Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology PDF
Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology

Book Details

Book NamePrehospital Emergency Pharmacology
AuthorsBryan Bledsoe (Author), BLEDSOE (Author), Dwayne Clayden (Author)
PublisherPearson; 8th edition (March 30, 2018)
Hardcover‎ 576 pages
ISBN-10 ‏4874099
ISBN-13‎ 978-0134874098
File TypePDF
File SizeNull

Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology PDF Book Contents

1. General Information
2. Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
3. Administration of Medications
4. Medication Dosage Calculations
5. Fluids, Electrolytes, and Intravenous Therapy
6. The Autonomic Nervous System
7. Medications Used in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Emergencies
8. Medications Used in the Treatment of Respiratory Emergencies
9. Medications Used in the Treatment of Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis
10. Medications Used in the Treatment of Metabolic-Endocrine Emergencies
11. Medications Used in the Treatment of Neurological Emergencies
12. Medications Used in the Treatment of Obstetrical and Gynecological Emergencies
13. Medications Used in Toxicological Emergencies
14. Medications Used in the Treatment of Behavioral Emergencies
15. Medications Used in the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Emergencies
16. Sedation and Pain Management
17. Weapons of Mass Destruction
A. Glossary of Street Drug Names
B. Emergency Intravenous Fluids Quick Reference Guide
C. Quick Medication Reference
D. Common Home Prescription Drug Information
E. Medication Administration Skills
F. A Guide to Herbal Supplements
G. Practice Problems Answer Key – Chapter 4

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