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This Perinatal Neuropathology PDF book has a lot of information in it. It is essential for clinical service and research in this field, which hasn’t had many people working. The text is short and easy to understand, and the pictures are amazing.

More and more people want high-quality fetal and infant neuropathology exams. In addition, there is more interest in learning more about developmental, perinatal, and neonatal neuropathology because of new imaging techniques, new diagnostic methods, and advances in genetics.

This essential Perinatal Neuropathology book [PDF] takes a practical approach to the subject by giving diagnostic report templates to help clinicians with different areas of expertise. In addition, each chapter will have a lot of high-quality pictures with captions that explain them based on the authors’ lives.

The code inside the Perinatal Neuropathology PDF book’s cover gives you access to an online version of the book on Cambridge Core. This book is a valuable educational resource because it shows the latest developments in diagnosing and caring for fetuses and babies.

Perinatal Neuropathology PDF
Perinatal Neuropathology

Book Details

Book NamePerinatal Neuropathology
Authors Mirna Lechpammer (Author), Marc Del Bigio (Author), Rebecca Folkerth (Author)
Publisher ‏Cambridge University Press; 1st edition (September 16, 2021)
Product Bundle458 pages
ISBN-10‎ 1107159792
File TypePDF
File Size46.4 MB

Perinatal Neuropathology Book Description

This book is for practitioners, trainees, and interested colleagues who may not have had much experience with Perinatal Neuropathology.

Compared to other areas of Pathology, like general autopsy or surgical pathology, Neuropathology is its unique field.

This is partly because of the unique complexity of the brain’s functional organization, which is the core of our minds, personalities, and all of humanity.

Add to this complicated landscape, the sands move around quickly over time. Pathologists who have worked for a long time may throw up their hands in frustration.

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