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Learn the fundamentals of nursing for children and pregnant women! Maternity and Pediatric Nursing PDF, 4th Edition is the complete manual for caring for maternity and pediatric patients. It is written in a straightforward, concise, and friendly style. The developmental stages, pediatric illnesses by body system from simple to complicated and health to disease, and a focus on family health are all covered in this best-selling volume.

In addition, this Edition now includes revised review questions in the NCLEX® format, new case studies, new information on the zika virus, QSEN and safety, and enlarged pregnancy phases. With this practical work, you can confidently assist students in developing the knowledge foundation and analytical abilities necessary to guarantee safe, efficient maternity and pediatric nursing care.

Maternity and Pediatric Nursing, Fourth Edition, was created for today’s curricula and is focused on enhancing wellness levels across the lifespan. It covers a wide range of maternity coverage, focusing on the most frequently encountered clinical challenges, guiding students through real-world patient care scenarios and developing the clinical reasoning and judgment skills necessary for their nursing careers.

Maternity and Pediatric Nursing PDF
Maternity and Pediatric Nursing

Book Details

Book NameMaternity and Pediatric Nursing
AuthorsSusan Ricci, Theresa Kyle, Susan Carman
PublishersWolters Kluwer Health; 4th edition (August 26, 2020)
Print length1991 pages
File TypePDF
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Description of Maternity and Pediatric Nursing PDF Book

Students can use this unique resource from authors Susan Ricci and Theresa Kyle to better understand the health requirements of women and children.

By reading Maternity and Pediatric Nursing PDF, the reader will be equipped to assist women and their children in achieving higher levels of well-being throughout their lives. The textbook’s emphasis will also be on helping the reader anticipate, recognize, and deal with typical issues so that prompt, evidence-based interventions can be made.

Finally, their strategy is to offer a resource with case studies woven throughout each chapter, numerous illustrations of critical thinking, and an impressive visual presentation of the main ideas.

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Contents Maternity and Pediatric Nursing 4th Edition

UNIT I: An Overview of Maternity and Pediatric Nursing
1. The Past, Present, and Future
UNIT II: Maternal-Newborn Nursing and Women’s Health
2. Human Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology
3. Fetal Development
4. Prenatal Care and Adaptations to Pregnancy
5. Nursing Care of Women with Complications during Pregnancy
6. Nursing Care of Mother and Infant during Labor and Birth
7. Nursing Management of Pain during Labor and Birth
8. Nursing Care of Women with Complications during Labor and Birth
9. The Family after Birth
10. Nursing Care of Women with Complications Following Birth
11. The Nurse’s Role in Women’s Health Care
12. The Term Newborn
13. Preterm and Post-Term Newborns
14. The Newborn with a Perinatal Injury or Congenital Malformation
UNIT III: The Growing Child and Family
15. An Overview of Growth, Development, and Nutrition
16. The Infant
17. The Toddler
18. The Preschool Child
19. The School-Age Child
20. The Adolescent
UNIT IV: Adapting Care to the Pediatric Patient
21. The Child’s Experience of Hospitalization
22. Health Care Adaptations for the Child and Family
UNIT V: The Child Needing Nursing Care
23. The Child with a Sensory or Neurological Condition
24. The Child with a Musculoskeletal Condition
25. The Child with a Respiratory Disorder
26. The Child with a Cardiovascular Disorder
27. The Child with a Condition of the Blood, Blood-Forming Organs or Lymphatic System
28. The Child with a Gastrointestinal Condition
29. The Child with a Genitourinary Condition
30. The Child with a Skin Condition
31. The Child with a Metabolic Condition
32. Childhood Communicable Diseases, Bioterrorism, Natural Disasters and the Maternal-Child Patient
33. The Child with an Emotional or Behavioral Condition
UNIT VI: The Changing Health Care Environment
34. Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Maternity and Pediatric Nursing

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  • Maternity and Pediatric Nursing PDF
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