[PDF] Lever’s Histopathology of the Skin 12th Edition PDF Free Download

In this article, you can download Lever’s Dermatopathology Histopathology of the Skin book 12th Edition PDF for Free! David E Elder writes this Lever’s Dermatopathology Histopathology book!

Lever’s Dermatopathology: Histopathology of the Skin covers all aspects of skin disease where histopathology plays a role in diagnosis.

Lever’s Histopathology of the Skin 12th Edition PDF has larger images and has been thoroughly revised with new diseases and information on pathophysiology and molecular pathogenesis—all in an easy-to-navigate, highly readable format. To download this book for free please check the link below!

Book Details

Book NameLever’s Dermatopathology: Histopathology of the Skin
EditionTwelfth Edition
AuthorsDavid E Elder MB ChB FRCPA
PublisherLWW; Twelfth edition (November 15, 2022)
Hardcover1544 pages
File TypePDF
File Size179.1 MB

Lever’s Dermatopathology: Histopathology of the Skin Book PDF Description

More than 2,000 larger, full-color illustrations, including photomicrographs and clinical photographs, are in Lever’s Dermatopathology: Histopathology of the Skin. This picture helps you understand the clinical diagnostic process and make the most of it.

Before describing the histologic features, the Clinical Summaries give a short review of the clinical situation, and the Principles of Management sections put all of today’s complex treatment options in one place. In this book, there are a lot of tables that summarize or compare and contrast groups of diseases that are similar.


1 Introduction
2 Biopsy Techniques
3 Histology of the Skin
4 Laboratory Methods
5 Outline of Skin Disease
6 Congenital Diseases (Genodermatoses)
7 Noninfectious Erythematous, Papular and Squamous Diseases
8 Vascular Diseases
9 Noninfectious Vesiculobullous and Vesiculopustular Diseases
10 Connective Tissue Diseases
11 Cutaneous Toxicities of Drugs
12 The Photosensitivity Disorders
13 Disorders Associated with Physical Agents: Heat, Cold, Radiation, and Trauma.
14 Noninfectious Granulomas of the Skin
15 Degenerative Diseases and Perforating Disorders
16 Nutritional Diseases and Gastrointestinal Disease
17 Metabolic Diseases
18 Inflammatory Diseases of Epidermal Appendages and Cartilage
19 Inflammatory Diseases of the Nail
20 Inflammatory Diseases of the Subcutaneous Fat
21 Bacterial Diseases
22 Treponemal Diseases
23 Fungal Diseases
24 Protozoan and Parasitic Diseases
25 Diseases Caused by Viruses
26 Histiocytoses
27 Pigmentary Disorders
28 Benign Pigmented Lesions and Malignant Melanoma
29 Tumors and Cysts of the Epidermis
30 Tumors of the Epidermal Appendages
31 Cutaneous Leukemias and Lymphomas
32 Tumors of Fibrous Tissue Involving the Skin
33 Vascular Tumors: Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions of Blood Vessels and Lymphatics in the Skin
34 Tumors of Muscular and Osseous tissue
35 Tumors of Neural Tissue in the Skin
36 Metastatic Carcinoma

Lever’s Histopathology of the Skin 12th Edition PDF Free Download

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