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Gerontological Nursing PDF book provides evidence-based treatment of aging, factors leading to healthy aging, and distinctive illness presentation and management elements in older persons, focusing on the topics students need to know for effective practice. The information is systematically divided into five units that give students a concise but thorough overview of the aging process and lead them through the challenges of gerontological care.

This tenth edition of Gerontological Nursing [PDF] book maintains the text’s renowned holistic approach to patient care by covering psychosocial, legal, ethical, and spiritual topics, as well as updated content to help students cope with the challenges of a changing healthcare environment and a more diverse population.

Gerontological Nursing book [PDF] this edition also includes Unfolding Patient Stories that directly correlate to simulated patient scenarios in vSim® for Nursing Gerontology, giving students a consistent, realistic experience in patient interaction and improving their readiness for practice.

These two features help students review key concepts and prepare for the next generation of NCLEX®. Furthermore, Research findings and nursing implications from the most recent research have been included in the revised text.

Gerontological Nursing PDF
Gerontological Nursing

Book Details

Book NameGerontological Nursing
AuthorsCharlotte Eliopoulos RNC MPH CDONA / LTC 
PublisherLWW; Tenth, North American edition (March 19, 2021)
Paperback576 pages
ISBN-10 ‏1975161009
ISBN-13 978-1975161002
File TypePDF
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Gerontological Nursing PDF Description

The Gerontological Nursing Book PDF has been updated to reflect the latest research findings and to emphasize the nursing implications. Here’s something new! With case studies and questions related to clinical chapters, students can review critical ideas and prepare for the NCLEX® of the next generation.
A new feature has been added to improve practice readiness encouraging the students to discuss patient care and connect to related cases in vSim® for Nursing Gerontology and Lippincott® DocuCare through the National League for Nursing’s Unfolding Patient Stories program. According to Lippincott’s Adaptive Learning, Concept Mastery Alerts help students make sense of potentially complex material. Recent, evidence-based research is clinically relevant through PrepU’s Bringing Research to Life feature.

Considering this example, applying reality, and using critical thinking exercises are great features to show the connection between the text’s topics and the real world. Gerontological Nursing 10th Edition PDF includes in-text learning tools such as chapter summaries, learning objectives, terms to know, and communication tips and points so students can understand complex content more easily. In addition, Nursing Problem Highlights give concise overviews of typical nursing issues, explaining everything from the underlying reasons to potential solutions. One of the finest improvements of this book is Nursing Care Plans outline the nursing problem, goal, and action for particular health scenarios, allowing students to develop realistic health care plans.

In assessment guides, students learn about general observation, history-taking, and physical examination.
Keeping students’ attention and digesting knowledge is easier with an open, exciting design. As a result, nursing professionals can confidently and skillfully provide holistic care to senior citizens in any situation.

Contents of Gerontological Nursing PDF 10th Edition

  1. UNIT 1    The Aging Experience
    • Chapter 1                The Aging Population
    • Chapter 2                Theories of Aging
    • Chapter 3                Diversity
    • Chapter 4                Life Transitions and Story
    • Chapter 5                Common Aging Changes
  2. UNIT 2    Foundations of Gerontological Nursing
    • Chapter 6                The Specialty of Gerontological Nursing
    • Chapter 7                Holistic Assessment and Care Planning
    • Chapter 8                Legal Aspects of Gerontological Nursing
    • Chapter 9                Ethical Aspects of Gerontological Nursing
    • Chapter 10              Continuum of Care in Gerontological Nursing 
  3. UNIT 3    Health Promotion
    • Chapter 11              Nutrition and Hydration
    • Chapter 12              Sleep and Rest
    • Chapter 13              Comfort and Pain Management
    • Chapter 14              Safety
    • Chapter 15              Safe Medication Use
  4.  UNIT 4    Geriatric Care
    • Chapter 16              Respiration
    • Chapter 17              Circulation
    • Chapter 18              Digestion and Bowel Elimination
    • Chapter 19              Urinary Elimination
    • Chapter 20              Reproductive System Health
    • Chapter 21              Mobility
    • Chapter 22              Neurologic Function
    • Chapter 23              Vision and Hearing
    • Chapter 24              Endocrine Function
    • Chapter 25              Skin Health
    • Chapter 26              Cancer
    • Chapter 27              Mental Health Disorders
    • Chapter 28              Delirium and Dementia
    • Chapter 29              Living in Harmony With Chronic Conditions
  5.  UNIT 5    Settings and Special Issues in Geriatric Care
    • Chapter 30              Spirituality
    • Chapter 31              Sexuality and Intimacy
    • Chapter 32              Rehabilitative and Restorative Care
    • Chapter 33              Acute Care
    • Chapter 34              Long-Term Care
    • Chapter 35              Family Caregiving
    • Chapter 36              End-of-Life Care
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