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Kinesiology For Dummies PDF is a mandatory book for those pursuing degrees in sports medicine, exercise science, nursing, or sports therapy, and it is essential in many disciplines.

The book kinesiology For Dummies [PDF] follows an introductory course on the subject and teaches the fundamentals of human body movement.

In addition, this resource will teach you how physical activity can help you manage chronic illnesses and impairments, what variables contribute to musculoskeletal damage, and how to counteract those effects.

This book of Kinesiology For Dummies PDF, which includes a 16-page color insert of medical instructions, covers the fundamentals of exercise physiology, exercise and health psychology, introductory biomechanics, motor control, sport and exercise history, and philosophy, and mind-body connections.

Kinesiology For Dummies PDF
Kinesiology For Dummies

Book Details

Book NameKinesiology For Dummies
AuthorSteve Glass (Author), Brian Hatzel (Author), Rick Albrecht (Author)
Publisher‎ For Dummies; 1st edition (March 24, 2014)
Paperback384 pages
File TypePDF
File Size4.14 MB

Kinesiology For Dummies PDF Book Description

Kinesiology For Dummies PDF book contains the fundamental principles of kinesiology. Kinesiology is a vast field, with textbooks within even the subdisciplines containing so much information that it is easy to become lost in the details.

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On the other hand, this Kinesiology For Dummies [PDF] book presents the fundamental principles you need to know — the critical components of kinesiology across the major systems of the body, the primary subdisciplines, and so on — in a far easier-to-read and grasp format than other textbooks in the subject.

Kinesiology For Dummies is an excellent introduction to the discipline of kinesiology. But, instead of forcing you to focus on the trees, we show you the forest.

Kinesiology For Dummies Book Contents

Part I: Getting Started with Kinesiology 5
Chapter 1: Introducing Kinesiology: The Science of Movement 7
Chapter 2: The History and Philosophy of Sport and Exercise 17
Part II: Exercise Physiology 39
Chapter 3: The Brains behind the Brawn: Motor Control 41
Chapter 4: Keeping the Big Wheel Turning: Exercise Metabolism 57
Chapter 5: The Body’s Engine: The Cardiovascular System 83
Chapter 6: Earthlings and the Earth: Adapting to Your Environment 111
Part III: Basic Biomechanics: Why You Move the Way You Do 127
Chapter 7: The Nuts and Bolts of Movement 129
Chapter 8: Bone Composition and Function 155
Chapter 9: These Joints Are A-jumping! 175
Chapter 10: Let’s Move, Baby! The Muscles 203
Chapter 11: Motion Analysis: Seeing How You Move 235
Part IV: Mind-Body Connections 257
Chapter 12: Staying Connected: The Bio-Psycho-Social Model 259
Chapter 13: Sticking with It: Motivation and Adherence 275
Chapter 14: Looking Good, Feeling Good: Exercise, Mood, and Mind 291
Chapter 15: Too Much of a Good Thing 313
Part V: The Part of Tens 335
Chapter 16: Ten Foundations of Fitness 337
Chapter 17: Ten Facts about Obesity and Physical Inactivity 343
Chapter 18: Ten Careers for Kinesiologists 349

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  • Kinesiology For Dummies PDF
  • Kinesiology For Dummies PDF

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Kinesiology For Dummies PDF book has a wealth of information. Which is a positive thing, but none or very few of them are related to physical movement. Instead, this book is about the science of the human body during a workout, specifically what happens inside the cells, muscles, organs, and enzymes, as well as the chemical reactions that occur in them. It would be fantastic if this book could be titled anything else.

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