[PDF 2nd Edition] Anatomy of Stretching PDF by Brad Walker

The 2nd edition of Anatomy of Stretching PDF is a great book. Do you want to learn how to stretch almost every muscle group in your body? Then, download the PDF of this book!

You can download the PDF of this Anatomy of Stretching book to learn how to stretch your lower back, neck, and shoulders. You won’t believe how much information there is on each page!

Even the best stretches for different sports are in this Anatomy of Stretching book, so if you do a specific sport or activity, you can find out which stretches will help and keep you from getting hurt.

Anatomy of Stretching PDF
Anatomy of Stretching

Book Details

Book NameAnatomy of Stretching
AuthorsBrad Walker
Publisher‎ Lotus Pub.; 2nd Revised edition (January 30, 2011)
File TypePDF
File Size10.2 MB

Anatomy of Stretching PDF Book Description

This Anatomy of Stretching book will help you to know, how to stretch your muscles before and after working out. It also tells you which stretches to do after an injury, such as whiplash. In addition, this book shows pictures and lists the signs of injuries.

It also gives a brief history of stretching, along with some myths, ideas, and different points of view about whether or not stretching is safe and if it helps.

The pictures and directions are easier to understand than in other books I’ve seen. It also has side notes about how to do the stretches right and what not to do, what injuries they help with, and what sports they help with. It has a lot of technical mumble jumble and other ramblings, but it is most valuable.

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Final Thoughts

It is only 193 pages long. The price is the biggest problem with this book. The 193-page ebook costs $17.99 to download, while the paperback costs $20.68. Too expensive for how few pages it has. It’s a good book with exciting details, but it’s not worth the total price. So download the PDF of this book from the above link! but if you want then you can purchase it also from Amazon!

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