May 18, 2021

Nursing Drug Handbook 2021 PDF free download

The go-to guide for college kids and nurses alike to market better patient care! Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2021 pdf free download article provides you with essential information on quite 1,000 generic and 4,000 brand name drugs. This handy, user-friendly guide features updated recorder Alerts and comprehensive coverage of IV drug administration, side effects and adverse reactions, fixed combinations, and nursing considerations. It uniquely guides you thru clinical priorities within the practice setting and is organized alphabetically by drug name for quick reference. New drug monographs cover 17 new FDA-approved drugs!

  1. Over 1,000 generic name drugs, encompassing over 4,000 brand name drugs, are organized alphabetically with A-to-Z tabs for quick and straightforward access.
  2. Detailed information for every drug distinguishes side effects and adverse reactions to assist you to identify which are presumed to occur.
  3. Highlighting of high-alert drugs helps promote safe administration of medicine that poses the best risk for patient harm; an appendix includes drug names that sound alike or look alike.
  4. UNIQUE! Herbal information is included within the appendix and on the Evolve companion website, covering the interactions and effects of commonly encountered herbs.
  5. The classifications section features a summary of actions and uses for drug families.
    Top 100 Drugs list helps you easily identify the foremost frequently administered drugs.
  6. Nursing considerations are organized during a functional nursing process framework and include headings for baseline assessment, intervention/evaluation, and patient/family teaching.
  7. Information on lifespan and disorder-related dosage variations equip you with special considerations for pediatric, geriatric, hepatic, and immune- or renal-compromised patients.
  8. Extensive IV content features IV compatibilities/IV incompatibilities and breaks down key information with headings on reconstitution, rate of administration, and storage.
  9. Fixed combinations are included in dosages of every combined drug directly within the individual monographs, to assist you to understand different drug dose options for specific diseases.
  10. Cross-references to the 400 top U.S. brand-name drugs are located throughout the book for straightforward access.
  11. Customizable and printable monographs for 100 of the foremost commonly used drugs are located on Evolve, alongside quarterly drug updates.
  12. Therapeutic and toxic blood level information promotes safe drug administration.
  13. Comprehensive IV Compatibility Chart foldout arms you with compatibility information for 65 intravenous drugs.
  14. The list of newly approved drugs within the front of the book makes it easy to locate the newest drugs.
  15. Callouts during a sample drug monograph highlight key feature to assist you to understand the way to use the book more efficiently.
  16. NEW! Drug monographs for 17 new FDA-approved drugs equip you with the foremost current drug information.
  17. NEW! Updated monographs include new interactions, precautions, alerts, patient teaching instructions, and other need-to-know information to assist prevent medication dispensing errors.

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Tabulated features of Nursing Drug Handbook 2021 PDF free download

Ideal forOrganizationNumber of DrugsGeneric NameTrade NameUnique Features
Nursing students and practicing nursesAlphabetically by generic drug name with A-to-Z tabs for quick reference4,000+YesYesIncludes comprehensive coverage of IV drug administration and also guides the user through clinical priorities in the practice setting to promote better patient care.

Preface of Nursing Drug Handbook 2021 PDF free download

Nurses are faced with the ever-challenging responsibility of ensuring safe and effective drug therapy for their patients. Not surprisingly, the greatest challenge for nurses is keeping up with the overwhelming amount of new drug information, including the latest FDA-approved drugs and changes to already approved drugs, such as new uses, dosage forms, warnings, and much more. Nurses must integrate this information into their patient care quickly and in an informed manner.

Nursing Drug Handbook 2021 PDF free download is designed as an easy-to-use source of current drug information to help the busy nurse meet these challenges. What separates this book from others is that it guides the nurse through patient care to better practice and better care. This handbook contains the following:

1. An IV compatibility chart: This handy chart is bound into the handbook to prevent Accidental loss.

2. The Drug Classifications section: The action and uses for some of the most common clinical and pharmaco-therapeutic classes are presented. Unique to this handbook, each class provides an at-a-glance table that compares all the generic drugs within the classification according to product availability, dosages, side effects, and other characteristics. Its half-page color tab ensures you can’t miss it!

3. An alphabetical listing of drug entries by generic name: Blue letter thumb tabs help you page through this section quickly. Information on medications that contain a Black Box Alert is an added feature of the drug entries. This alert identifies those medications for which the FDA has issued a warning that the drugs may cause serious adverse effects. Tall Man lettering, with emphasis on certain syllables to avoid confusing similar sounding/looking medications, is shown in capitalized letters (e.g., oxy CODONE). High Alert drugs with a color icon are considered dangerous by The Joint Commission and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) because if they are administered incorrectly, they may cause life-threatening or permanent harm to the patient. The entire High Alert generic drug entry sits on a shaded background so that it’s easy to spot! To make scanning pages easier, each new entry begins with a shaded box containing the generic name, pronunciation, trade name(s), fixed combination(s), and classification(s).

4. A comprehensive reference section: Appendixes include vital information on the calculation of doses; controlled drugs; chronic wound care; drugs of abuse; equianalgesic dosing; herbals: common natural medicines; lifespan, cultural aspects, and pharmacogenomics of drug therapy; normal laboratory values; drug interactions; antidotes or reversal agents; preventing medication errors; parenteral fluid administration; and Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE).

5. Drugs by Disorder: You’ll find Drugs by Disorder in the front of the book for easy reference. It lists common disorders and the drugs most often used for treatment.

6. The index: The comprehensive index is located at the back of the book on light blue pages. Undoubtedly the best tool to help you navigate the handbook, the comprehensive index is organized by showing generic drug names in bold, trade names in regular type, classifications in italics, and the page number of the main drug entry listed first and in bold.


Robert (Bob) J. Kizior, BS, RPh

Bob graduated from the University Of Illinois School Of Pharmacy and is licensed to practice in the state of Illinois. He has worked as a hospital pharmacist for more than 40 years at Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village, Illinois—a suburb of Chicago. Bob is the Pharmacy Surgery Coordinator for the Department of Pharmacy, where he participates in educational programs for pharmacists, nurses, physicians, and patients. He plays a major role in coordinating pharmacy services in the OR satellite. Bob is a former adjunct faculty member at William Rainey Harper Community College in Palatine, Illinois.

An avid sports fan, Bob also has eclectic tastes in music that range from classical, big band, rock ‘n’ roll, and jazz to country and western. Bob spends much of his free time reviewing the professional literature to stay current on new drug information.

Keith J. Hodgson, RN, BSN, CCRN

Keith was born into a loving family in Chicago, Illinois. His mother, Barbara B. Hodgson, was an author and publisher of several medication products, and her work has been a part of his life since he was a child. By the time he was 4 years old, Keith was already helping his mother with the drug cards by stacking the draft pages that were piled up throughout their home.

Because of his mother’s influence, Keith contemplated becoming a nurse in college, but his mind was fully made up after he shadowed his sister in the Emergency Department. Keith received his Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Hillsborough Community College and his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. Keith started his career in the Emergency Department and now works in the Trauma / Neurological/Surgical Intensive Care Unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida.

Keith’s favorite interests include music, reading, Kentucky basketball, and, if he gets the chance, watching every minute of the Olympic Games.

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Using this for my nursing program and it’s a godsend! I love the layout and the Elsevier online content. I would definitely recommend this!

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Price and packaging great, delivery timely. But type size has been reduced from previous years and is hard to read, big disappointment.

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It explains medicines, their use and possible side effects.


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