May 18, 2021

Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards pdf 5th edition free download


Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards pdf will award you a super preface after purchasing the book! Let’s look at the preface of Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards pdf 5th edition before download it for free or purchase it!

Congratulations! You have just purchased the most popular and comprehensive set of anatomy flashcards available. Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards offer a unique learning resource to supplement the anatomy textbook, atlas, or dissection materials used in medical, dental, nursing, allied health, and undergraduate courses in human anatomy. This set of cards draws on the timeless medical illustrations of Frank H. Netter, MD, and includes not only the musculoskeletal system but also a review of important nerves, vessels, and visceral structures not commonly found in traditional flashcard sets.

Each 4 × 6 full-color card details human anatomy as only Netter can. The set is organized regionally in accordance with Netter’s widely popular Atlas of Human Anatomy (i.e., Head and Neck; Back and Spinal Cord; Thorax; Abdomen; Pelvis and Perineum; Upper Extremity; Lower Extremity). Within each region, cards are arranged sequentially as follows: Bones and Joints; Muscles; Nerves; Vessels; and Viscera. Body systems have been added to each card in the fifth edition to allow you to easily reorganize the set for your learning preference.

Moreover, the image on each card is referenced to the original plate in the Atlas of Human Anatomy, seventh edition. Because each section opening card is slightly taller, you can easily pull out an entire section of cards for study. In addition, a corner of each card is pre-punched so that you can insert it on the enclosed metal ring to keep an entire section of cards in the correct order. Each card includes a Comment section, which provides relevant information about the structure(s) depicted on the front of the card, including detailed information for muscle origins, insertions, actions, and innervation.

Most cards also contain a Clinical section that highlights the clinical relevance of the anatomy depicted on the front of the card. Bonus online content is available at Student Consult using the scratch-off PIN code on the first card. Online content includes over 300 multiple-choice questions to test your retention of the material. These cards offer an accurate and ready source of anatomic information in an easy-to-use and portable format.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Head and Neck

Section 2: Back and Spinal Cord

Section 3: Thorax

Section 4: Abdomen

Section 5: Pelvis and Perineum

Section 6: Upper Limb

Section 7: Lower Limb


John T. Hansen, PhD

Professor and Associate Dean

Department of Neuroscience

University of Rochester Medical Center

Rochester, New York

Professor Hansen is the author of over 110 research publications, book chapters, and books. He has been Co-editor of the journal Clinical Anatomy and the lead consulting editor of Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy (2-7th editions). He continues to author Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards and Netter’s Clinical Anatomy in addition to this coloring book.

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Key feature‘s

Learn the essential anatomy you need to know – quickly and easily! Each flash card in this full-color deck features high-quality Netter art (and several new paintings by Dr. Carlos Machado), numbered labels (with hidden answers), and concise comments and clinical notes for the most commonly tested anatomy terms and concepts. Focusing on clinically relevant anatomy, this easy-to-use, portable study tool helps you learn anatomical structures with confidence!

Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards pdf is the most convenient and portable way to review anatomy on the fly. This 3rd Edition contains full-color illustrations from Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy, 5th Edition paired with concise text identifying those structures and reviewing relevant anatomical information and clinical correlations. Online access at lets you review anatomy from any computer, plus additional “bonus” cards and over 300 multiple-choice questions. Netter. It’s how you know.

  • Online access at lets you review the flashcards from any computer, and further test your knowledge with additional “bonus” cards and over 300 multiple-choice questions.
  • The front of each flashcard features a full-color illustration from Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy, 5th Edition, with numbered lines pointing to key structures. On the back, the concise text identifies those structures and reviews relevant anatomical information and clinical correlations.
  • Pre-punched holes make it easy to carry selected groups of cards with you
  • Perfect study aid and complement to Netter’s Clinical Anatomy, 4rd Edition concise textbook and Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy, 7th Edition.
  • Student Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to study the cards on your phone, tablet, or computer and includes over 400 multiple-choice questions. Quiz yourself on structure names as well as their anatomical and clinical significance.
  • New card design makes it easy to sort cards by Region (primary color-coded organization) or System (icons).

Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards pdf product details

Book Name: Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards

Publisher: Elsevier; 5th edition (February 22, 2018)

Language: English

Cards: 688 pages

ISBN-10: 0323530508

ISBN-13: 978-0323530507

Item Weight: 3.04 pounds

Dimensions: 4.25 x 4 x 6.75 inches

Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards pdf 5th edition free download

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Reviews of Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards pdf

This is a really good, convenient way to study anatomy when you’re on the go. I study these flashcards on the bus while waiting in line at the pharmacy, everywhere. I hate anatomy and am not a visual person whatsoever so I need all the help I can get. The best part about these cards is that they have the nerve supply on the back for each muscle, and related clinical correlations, so it’s a great study tool.

by Tara

Bought these for my college-age daughter. They have helped here immediately. They come with a neat little O ring – (it’s packed inside the box lid so look for it), Loved that. I, meanwhile am recovering from a nasty head-on where I almost lost my life. Diagnosing the injuries has been very difficult but I learned helpful info just this morning looking at the cards. , I would buy it again.

by Verna I.

A must have for the Surgical assisting student.

by Cody T. May

Great for DPT students!

by Jade Graves

Good cards, came a bit dent but its ok.

by NADAV1214

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