Merrill’s Pocket Guide to Radiography PDF [15th Edition]

Merrill’s Pocket Guide to Radiography, 15th Edition, PDF n is a book that every radiology student needs. The book is exactly what it says it is and is very helpful.

Merrill’s Pocket Guide to Radiography, 15th Edition summarizes essential information for more than 150 radiography projections. It is spiral-bound, so it can be used quickly in a clinical setting.

There are clear instructions on positioning patients and body parts, and for each projection, there is a picture of the best way to take a radiograph.

This Merrill’s Pocket Guide to Radiography book [PDF] easy-to-carry handbook by well-known medical imaging educator Jeannean Hall Rollins tells you everything you need to know, from the best way to stand to the best way to expose the image.

Merrill's Pocket Guide to Radiography PDF
Merrill’s Pocket Guide to Radiography

Book Details

Book NameMerrill’s Pocket Guide to Radiography
AuthorsJeannean Hall Rollins M.R.C. R.T. (R)(CV)(M)(ARRT) (Author)
PublisherMosby; 15th edition (June 27, 2022)
Spiral-bound‎ 368 pages
File TypePDF
File Size

Merrill Radiology Pocket Guide Description

Merrill’s Pocket Guide to Radiography book PDF gives the essential positioning information for the most commonly asked-for projections, making it easy to look up.

This 15th edition of Merrill’s pocket guide PDF gives step-by-step instructions on positioning the patient and body part for more than 150 of the most commonly requested radiography projections, including mobile.

The Pocket Guide is easy to use because each projection is shown on a two-page broadside spread. In addition, each presentation of a project includes the following:

  • Patient position
  • Part position
  • The angle of the central ray
  • Collimation
  • kVp
  • Picture of a patient in the right place
  • A footnote that refers to information in the 14th edition of Merrill’s Atlas
  • A chart with manual and automatic exposure control (AEC) technical factors can be written.
  • Students can check off if they are competent—there are blank lines on each projection page for the teacher to sign and date when the student has shown that they are competent for that projection.
  • Different sizes of collimation for use with DR systems

The Pocket Guide has features like section dividers with tabs that make it easier to find the beginning of each section, as well as abbreviations and external landmarks.

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Merrill’s Pocket Guide PDF Book User’s Review

In addition to the three-volume Kindle ebook Merrill’s Atlas that I bought for my Radiology Procedures class, I ordered this hard copy pocket guide. The information in this tiny spiral-bound book is of excellent quality; I can refer to it whenever I’m on campus in a positioning practice lab. (When I’m at home, I usually read the ebook and use it as a reference.) But given this pocketbook cost, I wish the publishers had opted for better-quality components.

The tabs are flimsy, as other reviewers have pointed out; after just a few trips to campus in my backpack, they became bent, rumpled, and in danger of tearing off. Finally, I discovered a fix that appears to be effective. I bought a roll of clear label protectors from Amazon and placed one over each tab. I could have cut the label protectors, which measure 3-1/8″, shorter than the section divider tabs. Still, I prefer to leave them at their full length because it does a better job of strengthening the tabs/dividers and preventing the pages from being rumpled.

The fact that the positioning images are in black and white is another thing I found disappointing. Even though the x-ray images are only in black and white or grayscale, I find it much more challenging to see the collimation borders and central ray entrance point markers when the positioning images are only in a few different shades of gray rather than in full color as they are in the standard atlas.

As a result, while I would give the content of this pocket guide an overall grade of A+ (5 stars), I would only give it a C (3 stars) for quality and durability, which is how I arrived at a final score of 4.

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