How do I create a new Xbox account without losing my games?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer games between Xbox accounts. This becomes a problem when you create an account for your child, and they eventually want a new account, or you accidentally buy a game on the wrong account.

The only way to transfer games from one account to the other is by using game sharing. This isn’t the most eloquent solution and won’t work if you don’t have access to the original Xbox account. However, if you do still have access to the other account, here’s what to do:

Note: Skip steps 1-4 if you’ve already added both accounts to your Xbox.


1. Power your Xbox on and sign into a profile. Then, click the Xbox button on your controller.

2. Use the right bumper to scroll all the way to the right and click A when the profile icon (the icon furthest to the right) is highlighted.

3. Scroll down and click A to access the Add or switch menu.

4. Click +Add new and add the Xbox account you used to purchase the games you want to play.

With the account added you’ll need to set your Home Xbox to the account with the purchases. Here’s how:

Note: Ensure that you’re on the profile with the purchases before following these steps.

1. Head to the Profile menu by clicking the Xbox button on your controller and using the right bumper to click on your profile icon (far right of the top of the menu).

2. Click Settings.

3. Click General.

4. Click Personalization in the menu to the right.

5. Click My Home Xbox.

6. Click Make this my home Xbox and follow the prompts.

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Now you can play your favorite games on your new account on your Xbox. Here are the final steps:

1. Sign in to your Xbox using the profile that has your purchased games.

2. Press the Xbox button on your controller and right bumper to the profile icon. Click the Profile icon.

3. Click Add or switch.

4. Select the profile where you’d like to play your games.

Aside from this method, the only other known option is to request a refund for the game and repurchase it on the right account. But, even this option requires you to have access to both accounts.

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