[Download PDF Free] Briggs Pregnancy And Lactation PDF 12th Edition

briggs drugs in pregnancy and lactation 11th edition pdf

Briggs Pregnancy And Lactation, 12th Edition, PDF books have a lot of information on drugs and how they affect pregnancy and breastfeeding. Under the name of each drug is a summary that gives you a quick overview. After that, you can read a long explanation about studies and case reports that have been done on … Read more

The Developing Human PDF [11th Edition]

The Developing Huma PDFn

The Developing Human PDF book would be great for anyone who wants to work in pediatric or neonatal medicine. Anyone else who wants a better explanation of this subject should look elsewhere. The book contains a lot of information, and the pictures are helpful. In its most recent version, it is a well-known textbook. Some … Read more

Guidelines for Perinatal Care PDF [8th Edition]

Guidelines for Perinatal Care PDF

The seventh edition of the PDF book Guidelines for Perinatal Care is an easy-to-use guide with new and updated information from the seventh edition. Several chapters have been rewritten and moved around. Ten appendices (A–J) go with the chapters and give readers a lot of extra information and resources. This edition keeps the previous edition’s … Read more

Modern Colposcopy Textbook and Atlas PDF [3rd Edition]

Modern Colposcopy Textbook and Atlas PDF

If you plan to perform colposcopy or perform a lot of Pap tests, Modern Colposcopy Textbook and Atlas PDF are great resources. It has a ton of great pictures that will help you recognize the various presentations of the same thing, as well as the most dangerous and rare discoveries and what to do about … Read more