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Cardiology in a heartbeat pdf compiled by a team of scholars and practicing doctors and consultants from the University of Edinburgh School of medicine within the UK, Cardiology during a Heartbeat provides practical advice to enable the reader to urge to grips with the topic quickly and simply.

Cardiology in a Heartbeat PDF
Cardiology in a Heartbeat

This unique author team brings the reader the simplest of both worlds: the scholar authors specialize in what students got to know whilst the contributions from senior medics make sure the book is accurate and covers the topic completely.

The attractive full-color layout and short, consistent chapters mean the book is straightforward to navigate through; this is often especially useful when the reader wants to quickly brush abreast of a selected topic or find a solution to a specific question.

The book boasts an array of design features specifically for college kids (such as ‘pro-tips’, ‘exam essentials’, mnemonics, and ‘in a nutshell’ sections) to actually help the reader understand the topic and, even as importantly, to pass their exams.

Preface of Cardiology in a Heartbeat PDF

Cardiology is an ever-changing field, with new evidence and randomized controlled trials paving the way for updates in either investigations or management. This is a scary proposition for many students, and we remember having similar issues during our Cardiology block early.

To help students with these problems, we initially provided numerous tutorials (delivering the information in a more manageable format) to assist navigate the maze of guidelines fuelled by a rapidly growing evidence base.

Our tutorials were all right received and feedback from students indicated that there was a requirement for more of this type of material, particularly in a note or hand-out format. Last year, students were requesting concise notes in far greater numbers.

The idea for a book was to convey at a reasonably innocuous dinner, and within a couple of days, the society was excited to start work on the project. During the method, we realized that the essence of our book lay on three key pillars:

1. To our knowledge, there was a huge demand for the information presented during this format. We are very hooked on ensuring that students learn the fabric in a pleasant way. Personally, we love the sector because it combines sound physiological principles with practical hands-on intervention.

2. We would like to encourage students to pursue a career in cardiovascular medicine Cardiovascular disease is the favorite killer within the developed world. Quite seven million people die from heart attacks annually. Additionally, to have an honest grasp of cardiology (because of the sheer number of patients affected), we would like to encourage the best and brightest to enter this field to develop novel therapies and conduct what will hopefully be ground-breaking research. In some small way, we hope that our book makes cardiology that tiny bit more attractive to review and motivates students to consider the sector.

3. Giving back we think we represent an honest majority of our society once we say we joined the medical school to assist people, and to offer back. Additionally, to encourage the subsequent generation of medical students, we also wanted to assist raise funds for the British Heart Foundation (BHF), an organization dedicated to raising funds for research, education, and awareness of disorder.

Whence you’re called to sacrifice;

In your life and in your art,

Though trouble and toil may pile on high;

Serve with all of your heart

To that end, we wish you the absolute best in your clinical rotations, and we hope this text serves as a useful gizmo that permits you to excel in cardiology, gain a greater appreciation for the subject and serve your patients to the simplest of your ability.

Contents of Cardiology in a Heartbeat PDF

1. Anatomy and Physiology of the Cardiovascular System
2. History Taking and Physical Examination
3. Cardiovascular Medicine: An Investigative Approach
4. Easy Peasy ECG
5. Cardiovascular Pharmacology
6. Infection and Pericardial Disease
7. Atherosclerosis
8. Ischaemic Heart Disease
9. Acute Coronary Syndrome
10. Heart Failure
11. Arrhythmias
12. Valvular Heart Disease
13. Hypertension
14. Cardiomyopathy
15. Peripheral Vascular Disease
16. Congenital Heart Disease
17. Cardiovascular Emergencies

Authors of this Book

Amar Vaswani

University of Edinburgh

Hwan Juet Khaw

University of Edinburgh

Dr. Scott D Dougherty

Cardiology Registrar, NinewellsHospital Dundee

Mr. Vipin Zamvar

Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Professor Chim C Lang

Professor of Cardiology, University of Dundee

Product details

Publisher: Scion Publishing, Ltd.; 1st edition (February 1, 2016)

Language: English

Paperback: 320 pages

ISBN-10: 1907904786

ISBN-13: 978-1907904783

Reading age: Baby and up

Item Weight: 1.33 pounds

Best Sellers Rank: #4,094,708 in Books

Amazon Price: 39.99$

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A tremendous and up-to-date guide to cardiology for first-year medical students and new doctors. Explains everything in a way that’s easy to understand but also gives detailed information with the help of guidelines, etc. Cardiology in a Heartbeat book is especially helpful for people in Scotland or students at Edinburgh Medical School. To download the PDF copy of Cardiology in a Heartbeat, please use the link below!

Download Cardiology in a heartbeat pdf free

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