May 18, 2021

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Atlas of Human Anatomy pdf 7th will provide you world-renowned, exquisitely clear views of the human body with a clinical perspective. I have often said that my career as a medical artist for almost 50 years has been a sort of “command performance” in the sense that it has grown in response to the desires and requests of the medical profession. Over these many years, I have produced almost 4,000 illustrations, mostly for The CIBA (now Netter) Collection of Medical Illustrations but also for Clinical Symposia. These pictures have been concerned with the varied subdivisions of medical knowledge such as gross anatomy, histology, embryology, physiology, pathology, diagnostic modalities, surgical and therapeutic techniques, and clinical manifestations of a multitude of diseases. As the years went by, however, there were more and more requests from physicians and students for me to produce an atlas purely of gross anatomy.

Thus, this atlas has come about, not through any inspiration on my part but rather, like most of my previous works, as a fulfillment of the desires of the medical profession. It involved going back over all the illustrations I had made over so many years, selecting those pertinent to gross anatomy, classifying them and organizing them by system and region, adapting them to page size and space, and arranging them in a logical sequence. Anatomy of course does not change, but our understanding of anatomy and its clinical significance does change, as do anatomical terminology and nomenclature. This, therefore, required much updating of many of the older pictures and even revision of a number of them in order to make them more pertinent to today’s ever-expanding scope of medical and surgical practice. In addition, I found that there were gaps in the portrayal of medical knowledge as pictorialism in the illustrations I had previously done, and this necessitated my making a number of new pictures that are included in this volume.

Table of Contents



Introduction Plates 1-7

Electronic Bonus Plates BP1-BP16



Surface Anatomy Plate 8

Plate 8 Head and Neck: Surface Anatomy

Superficial Head and Neck Plates 9-10

Plate 9 Cutaneous Nerves of Head and Neck

Plate 10 Superficial Arteries and Veins of Face and Scalp

Bones and Ligaments Plates 11-30

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Authors Name: Frank H. Netter, MD

Frank Henry Netter was born in Manhattan at 53rd Street and Seventh Avenue and grew up wanting to be an artist. In high school, he obtained a scholarship to study at the National Academy of Design, doing so at night while continuing high school.

Frank Henry Netter (25 April 1906 – 17 September 1991) was an American surgeon and medical illustrator. The first edition of his Atlas of Human Anatomy — his “personal Sistine Chapel” — was published in 1989; he was a fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine where he was first published in 1957.

After further studying at the Art Students League of New York and with private teachers, he began a commercial art career, quickly achieving success and doing work for the Saturday Evening Post and TheNew York Times. However, his family disapproved of a career as an artist and he agreed to study medicine. After getting a degree at the City College of New York, he completed medical school at New York University and a surgical internship at Bellevue Hospital and attempted to begin practicing medicine.

The Netter illustrations are appreciated not only for their aesthetic qualities but, more importantly, for their intellectual content. As Dr. Netter wrote in 1949 “clarification of a subject is the aim and goal of illustration. No matter how beautifully painted, how delicately and subtly rendered a subject may be, it is of little value as a medical illustration if it does not serve to make clear some medical point. Dr. Netter’s planning, conception, point of view, and approach are what inform his paintings and what make them so intellectually valuable. Frank H. Netter, MD, physician, and artist, died in 1991.

Atlas of Human Anatomy pdf Key Features

  • Large, clear illustrations with comprehensive labels not only of major structures but also of those with important relationships.
  • Region-by-region coverage, including Muscle Table appendices at the end of each section.
  • Tabular material in separate pages and additional supporting material as a part of the electronic companion so the printed page stays focused on the illustration.

Atlas of Human Anatomy pdf New edition Contains

Introductory Section

To fulfill the requests from many students and fans of Netter’s Atlas, we have added a new opening section containing several overview plates. These plates provide the very first head-to-toe views in the Atlas of Human Anatomy pdf!

Clinical Tables

The Atlas of Human Anatomy is the only anatomy atlas illustrated by physicians. Dr. Netter was a surgeon and Dr. Machado is a cardiologist. The views of anatomy in this atlas have always reflected a clinical perspective.

New Art Plates by Dr. Machado

For this edition alone, over 25 new illustrations have been painted by Dr. Machado. Suggestions for new plates of additional anatomic views and concepts are submitted by students, faculty, anatomists, physicians, and others.

Terminology Updates

The Atlas of Human Anatomy uses terminology accepted (in Göttingen, Germany, on September 24, 2016) by the Federative International Programme on Anatomical Terminologies and published as updates to the 1998 Terminologia  Anatomica.

New Radiologic Images

Over 50 radiologic images—some completely new views and others replacing existing views using newer imaging tools—are included in this edition. Images have been selected based on their utility to students studying gross anatomy.

Atlas of Human Anatomy pdf product details

Book Name: Atlas of Human Anatomy

Publisher: Elsevier; 7th edition (March 13, 2018)

Language: English

Paperback: 640 pages

ISBN-10: 0323393225

ISBN-13: 978-0323393225

Item Weight: 4.19 pounds

Dimensions: 8.7 x 1 x 11.2 inches

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