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When Alan Apley’s produced the first edition of his System of Orthopaedics and Fractures 50 years ago he saw it as an aid to accompany the courses that he conducted for aspiring surgeons who were preparing for the FRCS exams. With characteristic humour, he called the book ‘a prophylactic against writer’s cramp’. Pictures were unnecessary: if you had any sense (and were quick enough to get on the heavily oversubscribed Apley Course) you would be treated to an unforgettable display of clinical signs by one of the most gifted of teachers. You also learnt how to elicit those signs by using a methodical clinical approach – the Apley System. The Fellowship exam was heavily weighted towards clinical skills. Miss an important sign or stumble over how to examine a knee or a finger and you could fail outright. What Apley taught you was how to order the steps in a physical examination in a way that could be applied to every part of the musculoskeletal system. ‘Look, Feel, Move’ was the mantra. He liked to say that he had a preference for four-letter words. And always in that order! Deviate from the System by grasping a patient’s leg before you look at it minutely, or by testing the movements in a joint before you feel its contours and establish the exact site of tenderness and you risked becoming an unwilling participant in a theatrical comedy.

Much has changed since then. With each new edition, the System has been expanded to accommodate new tests and physical maneuvers developed in the tide of super-specialization. Laboratory investigations have become more important and imaging techniques have advanced out of all recognition. Clinical classifications have sprung up and attempts are now made to find a numerical slot for every imaginable fracture. No medical textbook is complete without its ‘basic science’ component, and advances are so rapid that changes become necessary within the period of writing
a single edition. The present volume is no exception: new bits were still being added right up to the time of proof-reading. Read details after download Apley’s system of orthopedics and fracture pdf!

Details of Apley’s system of orthopedics and fracture

This Apley’s system of orthopedics and fracture Book contains 974 pages in total.

First published in Great Britain in 1959 by Butterworths Medical Publications
Second edition 1963
Third edition 1968
Fourth edition 1973
Fifth edition 1977
Sixth edition 1982
The seventh edition published in 1993 by Butterworth Heineman.
Eight editions published in 2001 by Arnold.
This ninth edition published in 2010 by
Hodder Arnold, an imprint of Hodder Education, an Hachette UK Company,
338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BH

Editors profile of Apley’s system of orthopedics and fracture Book

Principal Authors of Apley’s system of orthopedics and fracture Book

Louis Solomon MD FRCS Eng FRCS Ed
Emeritus Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Honorary Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol, UK

Selvadurai Nayagam BSc, MChOrth FRCSOrth
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital and
The Royal Liverpool University Hospital
Liverpool, UK

David Warwick MD BM FRCS FRCS (Orth)
Eur Dip Hand Surg
Consultant Hand Surgeon
Reader in Orthopaedic Surgery
University of Southampton, Southampton, UK

Contents of Apley’s system of orthopedics and fracture


1. Diagnosis in orthopaedics 3
Louis Solomon, Charles Wakeley
2. Infection 29
Louis Solomon, H. Srinivasan, Surendar Tuli, Shunmugam Govender
3. Inflammatory rheumatic disorders 59
Christopher Edwards, Louis Solomon
4. Crystal deposition disorders 77
Louis Solomon
5. Osteoarthritis 85
Louis Solomon
6. Osteonecrosis and related disorders 103
Louis Solomon
7. Metabolic and endocrine disorders 117
Louis Solomon
8. Genetic disorders, skeletal dysplasias and malformations 151
Deborah Eastwood, Louis Solomon
9. Tumours 187
Will Aston, Timothy Briggs, Louis Solomon
10. Neuromuscular disorders 225
Deborah Eastwood, Thomas Staunton, Louis Solomon
11. Peripheral nerve injuries 269
David Warwick, H. Srinivasan, Louis Solomon
12. Orthopaedic operations 303
Selvadurai Nyagam, David Warwick

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13. The shoulder and pectoral girdle 337
Andrew Cole, Paul Pavlou
14. The elbow and forearm 369
David Warwick
15. The wrist 383
David Warwick, Roderick Dunn
16. The hand 413
David Warwick, Roderick Dunn
17. The neck 439
Stephen Eisenstein, Louis Solomon
18. The back 453
Stephen Eisenstein, Surendar Tuli, Shunmugam Govender
19. The hip 493
Louis Solomon, Reinhold Ganz, Michael Leunig, Fergal Monsell,
Ian Learmonth
20. The knee 547
Louis Solomon, Theo Karachalios
21. The ankle and foot 587
Gavin Bowyer


22. The management of major injuries 627
David Sutton, Max Jonas
23. Principles of fractures 687
Selvadurai Nayagam
24. Injuries of the shoulder, upper arm and elbow 733
Andrew Cole, Paul Pavlou, David Warwick
25. Injuries of the forearm and wrist 767
David Warwick
26. Hand injuries 787
David Warwick
27. Injuries of the spine 805
Stephen Eisenstein, Wagih El Masry
28. Injuries of the pelvis 829
Louis Solomon
29. Injuries of the hip and femur 843
Selvadurai Nayagam
30. Injuries of the knee and leg 875
Selvadurai Nayagam
31. Injuries of the ankle and foot 907
Gavin Bowyer
Epilogue: Global Orthopaedics 935
Christopher Lavy, Felicity Briggs

Apley’s system of orthopedics and fracture pdf free


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